Nicole Bowe-Rahming


"I will help you identify your personal vulnerabilites that hinder your forward momentum" - Nicole


Nicole shows entrepreneurs and executives how to adapt, overcome and conquer challenging situations by increasing their mental toughness.

Her vast arsenal of personality-driven and proven techniques will propel them towards; making decisions quickly and concisely, learning how quickly adapt to change and creating a limitless mindset so they can outperform in any environment.

Nicole, better known as The Fortitude Coach, is a 25 year military spouse, and owner of The Fortitude Institute.

As a Transformational Success Coach, Certified Confidence Coach, Certified DISC Behavior Instructor and International Speaker, she has enthusiastically inspired and challenged audiences (for the better) for over 20 years.

"Nicole is AMAZING. She is a passionate, direct person who genuinely loves what she does. In one session, she quickly nailed down the root obstacles standing in the way of my goal and helped me commit to small steps toward achievement. Her insights are gold, I'm telling you!"


- Sonya Torres, Human Resource Consultant

Professional Keynote:

“Circumstances Don’t Define You They Refine You. How to Persist and Shatter Your Self-imposed limits”

Youth Keynote:

"Response vs Reaction, How to be 'The Best You'
No Matter The Situation"

Custom Keynotes

Nicole can craft and deliver a custom keynote designed to move your audience into action. Please contact her to discuss the opportunities available for your conference or event needs.

"Working with Nicole is a must for any professional or entrepreneur who feels they are not reaching their full potential."


- Sharon Gutierrez, Owner, Shar' Marketing Enterprise

Why Hire Nicole

She's flexible and easy to work with

She creates an urgency for change

She inspires her audience to perform at their highest level

She ignites change

The Fortitude Coach

"Nicole is a phenomenal speaker. Says exactly what needs to be said to influence a change in you. She has just the right amount of humor and personality while speaking. Nicole also keeps you engaged by asking you questions that make you reflect.

For any engagement involved in speaking, I honorably suggest Nicole!

She will not let you down!"


- Ebonee Barbadillo, Owner and Real Estate Broker, Inspired Life Realty

Be The Best You, No Matter The Situation