Don't let procrastination stop you from achieving your dreams!

7 Steps to Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is detrimental to success. You have to overcome it or you'll never achieve your dreams.  Our 7 Steps to Overcome Procrastination provides you with actionable steps to eliminate it from our lives forever. 

It's up to you to take the first step towards success!

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Nicole is no ordinary coach. Her uncanny ability to recognize & dissect personal aspects of your life & work through business shortfalls help you to find harmony between the two. This sets her apart from her peers and equal to her mentors. This gift has helped me truly focus on growth in my business and set a specific positive direction for my life goals.

Tim B
Hawaii Digital Marketing Trainer for Vets

What stuck in my mind after taking Nicole’s Un-Master Procrastination was the “do it NOW list. What can you do now that will take from a few minutes to 1 hour?”


I had been procrastinating about calling Realtor Offices to ask to speak at their team meetings.

After completing the webinar, I looked for the script that I should use when calling realtor office … I toyed with the scripts for a while, but then I remembered the training about “Attitude of Perfection holding us back”. So, I gave up looking for the PERFECT script and made the call.


They booked me to come speak at their team meeting next month!!!  Woohoo!


Big Mahalo for the slap on my face.

Patricia Hoyt
Cutco Representative

With Nicole, I feel like I am continuing growing both personally and professionally; where I want to go with my business now has direction, and I owe it all to the amazing Fortitude Coach! Thank-you!

Lily Myers

Love working with Nicole! I always feel motivated and inspired after our conversations. She has also helped me see a whole new world of possibilities with my business!

Michelle Perrigo
Online Doula

By the end of my 1st session with Nicole I sorted out a very difficult either/or decision that I'd been grappling with. And my anxiety around it finally vanished! I am more clear on what my priorities really are (even though I thought I already knew) and how to go about fulfilling them. Nicole, you have saved me from wasting time and of course, your encouragement and lively personality are a super bonus! Mahalo!

Shelly Denny

Even if you identify as an entrepreneur who strives for specific goals and aims for the shiny stars, I would recommend -- even the more -- connecting with Nicole. The Life-Work Harmony sessions were so valuable that I will be continuing "accountability" sessions with Nicole in the New Year. So many of us know the importance of actionable steps: Nicole's sessions hone in quickly and precisely on our plans' motivations as well as our unique strengths to carry them out.

Charlie Texiera
Route 99 Hawaii

Taking Nicole's program was incredibly life changing. Each week you are touching on these different topics and exercises that all came together to some really surprising and eye opening conclusions. After doing a short session with Nicole a few weeks prior I knew that I loved her energy and she is incredibly skilled at helping you identify 'roadblocks' in your business (and personal life) and then outline and work with you to move past them. This course is a MUST for any professional or entrepreneur who at any time in the last year has felt like they aren't reaching their full potential, they feel completely out of balance with work and life or that all the pieces are working, but just aren't going as smoothly as expected.

Sharon Guitierrez
Shar’ Enterprise


Partner with The Fortitude Institute to rediscover your passions and overcome the personal hinderances keeping you from the stepping out and achieving more, being more and doing more.