Embrace The Resistance

You have a business idea. You have envisioned the amazing impact your product or service will make in your life and the lives of your clients.  You begin to put one foot in front of another to chase your dream.  You slowly realize that there were a lot of minor details that even the most thorough planner could not have visualized. Internal and external challenges threaten to derail and in extreme situations, destroy your business, and your dream.  These challenges are creating a resistance you didn’t expect.

BREATHE… it will be okay. You got this!  Please believe that all is not lost. Even though you may have made some mistakes along the way, there is always room for adjustment. You are simply taking off against the wind like an airplane. The headwind actually allows the airplane to use less speed in order to take off.  If it requires a speed of 180mph for an airplane to become airborne, with a headwind of 30mph the plane only needs to reach a speed of 150 in order to take flight. The resistance you are feeling isn’t there to prevent you from taking flight, it is there to assist your flight.  The two things you need to apply in order to take advantage of this assistance are Action and Perseverance

Much like the airplane, you need to build up velocity against the challenges you are facing and continue moving forward and persevering until you gain enough momentum to take flight. In many cases, entrepreneurs stop too soon.  We feel the headwind and think, “I shouldn’t continue this way because there is resistance.”  Or we fall victim to starting and stopping, constantly convincing ourselves that we will take action “Someday!”, “One day!” or “Eventually!” When you are experiencing these thoughts and emotions, this is your prime opportunity to exercise DEFIANCE and build your momentum by taking consistent action. Refuse to take your foot off the throttle or you risk losing your momentum and never reaching the necessary velocity to take flight. To succeed in business, you have to be passionate enough and committed enough to see beyond the resistance you’re facing during the journey to your next destination.

You can only be derailed from your course if YOU allow this to happen. Whatever is your resistance today, take action, persevere and build momentum to push to new heights.

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Here’s to taking flight!


  1. sandrine on May 30, 2018 at 5:56 am

    By Nicole Bowe Rahming, thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.