Success Is Never Final & Failure Is Never Fatal


During a business meeting, my colleague was conversing with us about the results of Rolfing. She ended by stating, “It (Rolfing) is not a set place, it’s an experience.” Her statement provoked thoughts about certain desirable aspects of life. If we changed our perspective on success, happiness, health, business, etc., how would our decision-making shift? How would this conscious decision-making influence our emotions and our level of achievement? There are crucial reasons why we should fully embrace our individual process.

There are particular instances in our lives that can either boost our ego or shatter it. If we can learn to manage our emotions regardless of the circumstance we can put ourselves in a position to take control of our destiny. Never let the lows drive you too low or the highs lift you too high. When you’re riddled with failure, it is easy to become discouraged and panic. Acknowledge that EVERY situation provides an educational experience that has the potential to propel us closer to what we desire. Author, Ray Bradbury, once said, “You fail only if you stop writing”. This is the ultimate realization. Even though we may label it as such, sometimes we have not necessarily FAILED. We simply QUIT on ourselves due to unsatisfying matters. What separates the successful individuals from the unsuccessful individuals is confidence and faith. The willingness to repeatedly try again creates more opportunities rather than sulking at the thought that we have wasted one. Happiness is not a set space in time. It is a continuous state of mind that is preserved on a daily basis to cope with external forces. Happiness is fueled by positive thoughts about where you are and where you will be. Assure yourself that every step is apart of the master plan.

“You fail only if you stop writing.”

Do not allow positivity to influence complacency. Having the courage to continue after failure is essential, but what’s even more important is continuing after success. There is always more to learn and there is always a way you can add value to yourself. We should explore our unlimited potential. Once you have completed a goal it is not unusual to celebrate that milestone but then it is up to you to refocus and map the coordinates to the next destination. Aim to balance motivation and relentless drive with modesty. Live confidently while remaining humble and you will discover the greatest sense of inner peace and wholeness.